Holy place heels your Body and Mind

2 min readAug 7, 2021


Hinduism including many other religions has the concept of Holy places. Most of the people, who visits these places, derives various kinds of benefits from them. At present we may not have scientific explanation, that how these beneficial effects takes place, nevertheless beneficial effects occur and we should take full advantage of these holy centers.

It has been observed, that those who visits these places with faith, are likely to be benefitted more, than the ones, who visits these places for some other reason.

It is far better to go to pilgrimage with the purpose of establishing spiritual connection or a spiritual exploration, than visiting a tourist places just with the purpose of sight seeing and fun. because these spiritual journeys are much meaningful and fulfilling to the self , as I describe the benefits derived by pilgrims that simple tourists can not derive.

I personally have travelled in both moods as a tourist and as a pilgrim. The fun received from sightseeing is quite exciting but flickering in nature that just comes and goes without any lasting effect ,whereas these journeys to pilgrimages brings lasting transformation .

Here are some following observable benefits that everyone can take advantage of.

  1. Usually when pilgrims visits these places they undertake some austerities such as walking or fasting ,circumnutating the shrine etc. here walking itself has many proven benefits. It promotes mental health and well-being, improves self-esteem, mood, and quality of sleep, and reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
  2. The joy of sightseeing as experienced by simple tourists also is naturally inherited in these journeys.
  3. purposeful activity is more satisfying and contributes more to well-being than purposeless activity; this is a basic tenet of the practice of occupational therapy.
  4. spiritual journeys gives us outer worldly mystical spiritual experiences that gives us lasting fulfillment and satisfaction.
  5. Some people also gets healed by visiting these places ,some says it is due to placebo effect, as healing is influenced by people’s hopes and expectations. Whatever be the case, the pilgrims are benefitted by these spiritual journeys, therefore it is worthwhile to take these journeys .if pilgrimages increase people’s hopes and expectations, which they do, we might expect that visits to holy places would result in healing, which they do. When supportive people surround those who hope for healing, sharing their hopes and expectations, the effects are stronger still.

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