is total mass and energy really conserve?

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mass and energy conservation

Most of the people in this world think, that it is only religion that requires faith, and science does not, because science works on the basis of facts and evidence. But is this true?

This is not really true, Science also, many a times works on the basis of faith, assumptions, and speculations. indeed scientific exploration can not take place without assumption.

Here are a few examples

1 At the time of big bang, all the physical laws were violated, such as the law of mass and energy conservation, because all the mass and energy suddenly appeared out of nothing, but after that, it has worked well in all our equations. but how is it that, a law works one way at one time and changes at the other time, and then what is the guarantee that it is not changing now, do we have any evidence. So this idea does not appear to be less than magic.

2. In the 1980s scientists observed that galaxies were revolving far too fast at the outskirts then expected because as per Kepler’s understanding and the laws of gravity, the speed at the outskirts should have been slower compared to the center, and it was also observed that galaxies were attracting each other far too strongly than expected, SO now here arises a big problem because either the understanding of the law of gravity was wrong or there was some other principle over and above gravity which was working at that place and scientist don’t know about it.

§ Now if they would have questioned the law of gravity, then it would have turned out to be a big mess. Because then all other theories and ideas, which developed till now on the basis of the law of gravity would collapse, which will be really a big loss, so in order to avoid this they introduced a new assumption that there must be some other form of matter, that was causing above mentioned phenomena, but we can’t see it–and it was given the name called dark matter, however, there is not even a shred of evidence that it exists, despite billion of dollars has been spent in this area.

§ Then there was this question that how much dark matter is available in the universe, Then they said let us assume as much dark matter is required to explain the behavior and shape of the galaxy, and balance the equation, but that leads to even a bigger problem, total dark amount of dark matter increased nearly about five times then regular matter .that means that would cause far more gravitational pull than expected.

§ And earlier also it was expected that speed of expansion of the universe would gradually slow down, and then would begin the contraction, and which would eventually lead to the collapse of the universe, because the attractive force of gravity pulls all the matter together.

§ But observation from the Hubble Space Telescope in the year 1998 showed that the universe rather than slowing down is speeding up.

§ Now again there were two ways to understand this phenomena, either understanding of Law of gravity was wrong, or there was some other principle which was working, now questioning the law of gravity brings very high risk as all the previously build ideas on the basis of gravity will be broken down. so in order to avoid this new concept was introduced, that there is some unseen form of energy called dark energy and that is causing the acceleration. But it again gives birth to the tremendous problem because it violates the law of mass and energy conservation because the theory behind dark energy is that the density of dark energy remains constant throughout the universe but because the universe is getting bigger, that means new energy is being created every moment, which violates the law of mass and energy conservation, but then all other theories which are based on this law of conservation would also be questioned

§ So finally there is no evidence up to now weather dark matter and dark energy really exist.

The goal of this presentation is to tell -that there is no problem in making assumptions and guesses but to teach and assumptions as absolute truth and faith as a fact is a problem. Teaching, that only religion requires faith and science does not, is a problem.

And the student who goes through such systems comes out to be a dogmatic. Because by then these assumptions get hardened in the form of dogmas and they think that they understand the nature of reality when actually these ideas are based on many assumptions.

And there are many such assumptions in the field of science.

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