Science -changing from Dogma to objectivity

3 min readMay 21, 2020


let us make science truly dynamic and fun

Materialistic world view of science assumes, that matter is the only reality and consciousness is the product of the human brain, therefore, there is no purpose of life. the scientific community interprets all the events of the world based on this presumption, although there is no evidential basis of these assumptions, rather evidence suggests the opposite, that consciousness exists outside the human brain, and different from it. I will talk about it later in this article.

If the scientific community questions this assumption science would certainly change drastically, and I strongly believe that in the next 15 years Science would change like never before.

Rupert sheldrake beautifully said -”Science at its based is open-minded method of inquiry, not a belief system”

As science is an open-minded method of inquiry, so should be the scientist, But rather than following the true objective process of inquiry, if many of them are biased by their dogmatic beliefs, then what kind of scientist they are? In reality He is harming Science under the banner of Science as religious fundamentalists do. such kind of approach towards science has turned science into a dogmatic belief system.

Giving conclusions without any reasonable evidence is not the work of science. But we see common masses, education system the media everywhere believes in unverifiable phenomena -

some of them are as follows

  1. Chemicals gave birth to consciousness-till date there is no evidence despite all the efforts that have been made in the laboratory.
  2. Monkeys became humans due to the magic of evolution-till date there is no reasonable, unquestionable evidence. picking up small evidences, here and there and then filling up the gaps with one’s own assumptions, and then giving conclusion has become the habit, so that they can win the recognition of the society and the noble prize.
  3. Life is purposeless-till date there is no evidence rather evidence suggests the opposite, everybody lives there life with a purpose, we don’t find any human being living a purposeless life. Purposelessness means desirelessness .but we don’t find anybody without desires, rather we find people full of desires.
  4. Consciousness, ends with death- evidence of reincarnation suggests that consciousness survives after death. extensive research has been done,1000s of genuine events have been witnessed all over the world. But accepting it, would change the entire materialistic world view, that s why they don’t accept it. An easy way to escape, is to ignore the phenomena itself by calling it fraud, a religious belief etc.

Here I would suggest a few changes that would make science truly open-minded which are as follows

  1. Don’t start giving conclusion as long as we don’t find substantial, reasonable, evidence.
  2. Teach all the possible developments till date, and remain open to new possibilities. say we are exploring.
  3. Don’t say God does exist or does not exist-because science is not in a capacity to say, weather God exist or not. just say we don’t know.

If the above-given practices are included in the education curriculum, then Science would become much more dynamic, and students would remain curious and continue to explore, and experiment the evidence to understand the nature of reality, otherwise they will simply become lazy as if they understood the nature of reality when actually they did not.

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