Struggle for happiness-not for existence

2 min readJun 4, 2020


Natural selection -The principle behind the evolution of an organism is known as Natural selection which means a process that involves the variation or change in the population of organisms, and for this process to work at least some of that variation must be heritable and passed on to organism’s descendants in some way. that variation is acted upon by struggle for existence which is a process that in effect selects variations conducive to survival and reproduction of their bearers.
But hear is a big Gap in this explanation, which the philosophers have not answered, and that Gap is — organisms are struggling for existence but the questions arise why are organisms struggling for existence of survival, why organisms are not struggling for dying or extinction. This is the first Big Gap.

Then there is also a second Gap in understanding

1. Organisms are struggling for existence, this is an incomplete understanding of organism, as we notice that organism, in essence, is struggling for happiness, pleasure at every moment.
2. Struggle for existence and struggle for happiness are not the same thing. organisms can survive with good oxygen, food, etc but they are not satisfied with it, after this, they start searching for music, movies, cricket, etc which is not related to survival but related to happiness.
3. Organism can eat the same food every day and survive but we don’t see anybody eating the same food every day rather we find people always looking for a variety of foods and tastes, and this variety is meant for enjoyment, not survival.

That is why we see organisms, who are fully fit to survive, who have got all the facilities for survival, do not want to survive rather they want to commit suicide.

Why Human beings commit suicide -

Rich and famous has got all the facilities for survival but even they end up committing suicide .for example the famous lead singer of Linking Park, Chester Bennington committed suicide and world-famous comedian Robin Williams committed suicide, not because they had any problem related to survival but they had the problem of happiness, they have no struggle for existence but they have great struggle for happiness and when they don’t get it, they commit suicide.

So the basic principle of evolution is at least incomplete if not wrong that organism is struggling for survival but in reality, organisms are struggling for happiness.
But here arises a
very important question why are organisms struggling for happiness why they have this inner quest for pleasure.




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