2 min readAug 6, 2021
illusion is real

“there can not be any perception without preconception.”

no one can perceive water in the desert(mirage ), unless he had experience of water in the first place.

perception of water in the desert is unreal ,but water is real, and the only thing is that, it exists somewhere else.

illusions are not baseless ,they indicate about a reality that exists somewhere else.

we can not talk about fake Gold unless there was real gold.

“illusion does not mean nonexistence of something ,it only indicates that the real thing exists somewhere else”

people gets illusioned by different ideas in this world .

1.they feel ,they will live forever.

2.they feel, they will be happy forever.

3.they will have friendship and love that never fades.

4.let there be no enmity and hatred .

and so on ….

nonexistence(or illusion) of these things only indicate ,these things exists somewhere else.

conclusion is -these all illusory ideas does not exist in this world, but they do exist somewhere else and that place can be called spiritual world.

dreams may be illusory, but they are born of this worldly reality, and incase if we consider the worldly reality to be an illusion ,then this illusion is also born of reality that we need to search after.

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