Why -Never Ever commit Suicide

3 min readSep 19, 2020


I heard recently that a UPSC aspirant has committed suicide, for he could not clear the UPSC exam this year. He left a suicide note where he addressed his parents, friends, and relatives -saying please forgive me because I could not become a good brother, a good friend a or a good son. I could not become what you wanted me to become.

I am Shocked -One million Commit suicide every year

But this is not something new, no wonder 1 million people commit suicide every year as per the states of WHO(world health organization 2016), and according to their prediction, this is going to double that means 2 million by the year 2020. that means round about 1 person every 16 seconds.

Let us try to Understand the psychology Behind

Without a doubt, every person in this world is searching for everlasting happiness, in other words, every person is trying to find ways to become free from suffering.

So to become free from suffering they take this radical step because they think that they will become free from suffering. but why they think so -I think they think so for the following reasons

  1. This is the only life that we have which begins at birth and ends at death, so anyway I am not able to come of suffering in this life, so easy way to escape is to finish these life ones and forever, whereby I can end my suffering.
  2. On the other hand, some people have some vague idea about the next life, they think that this life, that means is causing me lots of pain, let me end this life and I would have the possibility of becoming happier in the next life.
  3. they cling on to things thinking that I have no other way of getting happiness other than this particular thing which I am holding on to. that means I can never become happy if don’t get this. which is also a product of illusion for not understanding the fact that nothing lasts.
  4. remember the things which promise everlasting happiness themselves are temporary .so how can they give permanent happiness.
  5. if Happiness is not everlasting why would the suffering be .Everything changes like seasons change

A Spiritual Perspective

  1. But here it should be understood that according to Bhagavat Gita, one may enter into the next life after committing suicide, but that does not mean that his life is going to be any better but rather, it is going to become worse .because after giving up the present body one will have the subtle body, that means one can’t touch any other objects of the present world by the help of the subtle body, that means if one see a sweat dish, he would develop the desire to eat it but can’t eat it and thus his life becomes even more miserable where he can desire but can’t fulfill those desires.
  2. So the conclusion is killing the body would not make anyone happier rather it will make them more miserable.
  3. Then what is the solution, the solution is don’t kill the body rather try to transcend the body, and the process of transcending the body has been beautifully described in Bhagavat Gita.

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